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Starter Guide- Dranga

Post by dranga on Fri Feb 20, 2015 9:37 pm

Starter Guide

I see players ask, "How do I make money", or where are things ever since we had attracting more people. So here's a little help in locations, commands and money building.


  1. Thieving Stall- Gives 50,000 coins and 4,000 exp
  2. Ardougne Portal- Teleports players to bosses and PVP teleports
  3. Max- Skilling teleports
  4. Ancient altar- changes spells to Ancients
  5. Infusion Obelisk- Infuse your summoning pouches here 
  6. Regular altar- Pray and use bones here for prayer xp gains
  7. Crystal Key Chest- use your crystal keys here
  8. Altar of Guthix- Use this to change spells to lunar
  9. Altar of Zaros- Use to change prayers to curses


  1. Prestige Master- You go to him to prestige after getting 99 stats in all combat skills (Including Summoning and Prayer)
  2. Bank- Bank items
  3. Gambler- He gambles the money you spend: Options being 10k 100k 1mil 10mil 
  4. Fisher King- Scroll shop for summoning showing the scrolls which can be used for your summoned creature
  5. Specialty Shop- Exchange one 1000m coin stack for a 1b coin and get darklight 
  6. Female Clothes Designer- Change how you look clothing if you're a female
  7. Male Clothes Designer- Change how you look clothing if you're a male
  8. Make-over Mage- Change your skin tone and gender here
  9. F.O.G Shop- Contains items like XP Lamps and Santa gear
  10. Tureal- Slayer tasks are distributed here. Spend points that you gain from tasks to get items from slayer shop.
  11. Summoning Supplies- You buy summoning supplies here and use on Infusion Obelisk


  1. SkillCape shop/ Sell to Me shop
  2. Melee Weapons
  3. Melee Armor
  4. Range Weapons/Arrows
  5. A wild Tyler in it's natural habitat. It has sharp talons and teeth. It eats PVPer flesh. He is dangerous.   Laughing
  6. Range Armor
  7. Mage Gear (Weapons and Armor)
  8. Runes and Tabs
  9. Food and Pots
  10. Newb Clothing
  11. Skiller Shop
  12. Herb Shop

Here's a bit of Tele Codes for everyone.

::TrollQ (use Range)

Hope you all enjoyed this guide!

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